Signal components from Sandy Hook and other events RESULT in distinct signal to the White Sands communications ..... Carl Sagan philosophy region.

 Using the concepts of the VERY LARGE ARRAY  with White Sands, New Mexico ..... we can re-calibrate  our brain perceptions of  many human events . How do a few human acquire alien brain thoughts .... and then get involved in some alien behavior .... such as being a shooter involved in some nasty event?

Rather than perceive these tragic situations as the SOLE result of the individual involved  in the criminal act; we can perceive these individuals as Nature's messenger agents  regarding  various   system problems  in Nature.

This VIEW  was established around in year 1600,    over 400 years by William Shakespeare .... and his statement --> The WORLD is a stage (such as Sandy Hook) and we are the players (26 people playing DEAD at Sandy HOOK) .   

Nature's signal  EVENT  in the message processing region of  Connect (States of MIND with Connecticut ...VIA the symbolism represented by Nature's  Darwinian selection of  the geography State of  Connecticut) 
---> Event -->
On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.
Thus .... why is this Shakespearean VIEW omitted from the newspaper analysis of the tragic EVENT?  
How and why was the programmable bio-computer brain of Adam Lanza  programmed with the bio-computer instructions ..... basic methods known since William Shakespeare's time.   University  Schools of Journalism and English Departments will not explain this 400 year old  brain  programming process .    

To understand the situation...we need to use other sources for CLUES.  
Let's use math department and basic algebra as a  source of  thinking TOOLS ... to find CLUES to this puzzle.

The algebra  theory of sets and subsets  with  math VERBS: union and intersection  provides a useful symbolic TOOL.

Is there some CLUE in the word ....Connecticut     .... the geography  State of Connecticut  --> implies subset word  ---->  Connect ...LINK ... establish math set relationships  ..... connect VIA an IDEA   flowchart. .....

Is there some CLUE in the words:  Elementary school -->  subset symbols --> Element S --> Elements of SETs

Set (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For a rigorous modern axiomatic treatment of sets, see Set theory. ... 6.1 Unions; 6.2 Intersections; 6.3 Complements; 6.4 Cartesian product ... The objects that make up a set (also known as the elements or members of a set) can be anything: ...

Set Theory - eFunda
Introduction to set theory, definitions of set, subset, unions, intersections, complements, and ... A set is a collection of individual elements in the domain

So, we can look at the Connecticut and the Sandy  Hook and  the human individuals as ELEMENTS ..... the entire situation as an algebra  expression EVENT ..with  human bl00d.

Near geography Connecticut is  the  State of RH --> Rhode Island ....  geography STATE. 
From Nature's duality / a double-helix VIEW   ...... we see  2 Rhode Island in 2 formats:
The geography state of RHODE Island  and Nature's biology  state of RH factors in b100d.

Thus the  Sandy Hook DISPLAY of b100d  was Nature's method to create a data signal to  
CONNECT (represented by word Connect.icut)  ...... to CONNECT to the State of RH factors in bl00d ... specifically b100d  that had human  agent  offices in the geography STATE of RHODE IS --> Information Systems ISLAND .....(RHODE ISLAND).

Thus NATURE's systems ... sent a  Detective MORSE --> MORSE  CODE  signal   .....
SH (Sandy Hook)--> RH  = RHODE 
Adam Lanza --> subset symbols LAN -->   implies IS LAN Data   = Information Systems Local Area Network Data --> IS + LAN + D  --->  ISLAND

Thus Nature ...  used  Darwinian   sysmbol selection from the data LIST of  human proper noun names  ...  selected LANZA as the humanoid to sacrifice  .. to construct  Nature's bio-math military  WORD message ...KEY WORDs ---> RH.ode  IS. LAN.D (the need for Adam LAN).

Where are these math people?
Thus we see Nature's geography address CLUES:

Charles Street --> Charles Darwin and the evolution of b100d,  bio-math, symbols and b100d  life of symbols,
Nature's Post office STATE abbreviation RI --> Rhode Island ................ 

thus the  EARTH geography  geo-math math mapping from the  

DOMAIN (starting signal ....source  data set for  blood evolution)  = Galapagos ISLANDS 
RANGE (signal destination ...SEND --> S + END -->end data set ) = RH  ISLANDS contain humanoid elements  ...with  bio-math evolutionary b1ood that  OUGHT ACKNOWLEDGE  Nature's urgent message  .... VIA  attention getting DATA events ... needed  to get someone in the world to THINK about the situation.

Thus we wonder ..... bio-math b100d and RH factors  at 201 Charles (Darwin) Street.
201 --> signal of Adam Lanza age 20 1 advanced EARTH LAB hematology messenger for Nature's biochemistry social  engineering projects and  the  social process control  FEEDBACK  ERROR signal. 

201 --> signal 20 standard amino acids VIA 1 messenger to 1 major location    .... from the STATE of CONNECT  the CUT (broken communication LINK)   to the STATE of RH factors --> Record Hexadecimal factors via mathematician bio-computer humanoids whose bio-computer systems need CONSCIOUS  notification and .... subsequent  self-awareness of  bio-math evolution  and  the evolution of b100d  thought symbols.
Now, in year 2013 .... we look at additional algebra subset CLUES.
Sandy Hook --> implies words SAND   and HOOK --> Sand and SKY HOOK --> CIA messages

Skyhook: Ground to Plane Rescue in Minutes 

The Skyhook Aerial Retrieval System

In the 1950s, the CIA needed a capability to extract officers out of hostile situations without ever setting foot (or wheels) on the ground. The aerial retrieval system used by the Agency was called Skyhook.

The Skyhook system used two main elements:

1. a plane equipped with steel wire-catching horns, an electric-powered winch--a mechanical device used to pull in or let out cables--and a 50-foot steel cable; and

2.  a separate package of gear--delivered by air-drop--to allow officers on the ground to "catch" the Skyhook

In recent years we have the SKY .....messages for the CIA.
The Skyhook system used two main elements:
The Skyhook system used two main elements:
The Skyhook system used two main elements:
The Skyhook system used two main elements:
The S    hook system used       main elementary school  
The Sand/ground level ...Hook  ........elements of elementary school 
Let's look at this trail of WORDS and  COMMAND symbol  subsets ..again.
1) Sandy Hook --> implies words SAND   and HOOK --> Sand and SKY HOOK --> CIA mess messages
2) Sandy Hook --> implies words SAND  .........................................SKY   giving 
............................................Jerry Sand   set theory union sky  --> Sand  U  sky (the set theory symbol U = union of sets)
Thus we now see that the ink PEN of  PENN State  ..... in their written explanations of the situation omitted various factors.
They  ought write about this factor in the ..... Jerry rigged TRIAL.
Thus the proper noun of Nature's messenger agent .... Sand + U + SKY   -->  a signal to White Sands, New Mexico about the continuum wars.
a) sand  Union sky --> atomic / astronomy (astrophysics)  continuum --> that the White Sands scientists and their world-wide friends ought review.
The Jerry Sandusky EVENT was not properly analyzed ......  resulting in incomplete explanations.
The consequence of  this incomplete explanation by Penn State astronomy and math departments  ...was Nature's creation of a NEW EVENT ...
the Sandy Hook Elementary grammar school  .... data generating signaling EVENT.
1) 1 generated signal .... mentioned above .. was for  the RHODE ISLAND bio-math b100d association with a  Charles Darwin earth geography address. 
2) Sandy   Hook  --> implied S  HOOK -->  message CLUE Sky HOOK for CIA intellectuals 

3) Sandy Hook + SKY HOOK  --> Sand u sky   LOCKER ROOM --> SKY --> Lockerbie, Scotland air plane message

Lockerbie: Air Crash Investigation - National Geographic Channel - UK
On 21st December, 1988 Pan-Am flight 103 from London to New York crashed into the small Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing all 259 people onboard and 11 ...
4) the Sandy Hook + Sand Union sky --> Nature's EARTH sky continuum as seen in White Sands region 

Very Large Array (VLA) & White Sands - # - Irina's Photos › Other
First we went to see the NRAO Very Large Array (VLA) near Socorro, NM (a couple hours south of Albuquerque). First we went to see the NRAO Very Large ...
This is confirmed with the algebra subset data chains data chains:
1) Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connect -->  Sandy Newtown subset words -->  Sand  New --> suggest White Sands NEW Mexico 
2) Sandusky and Penn State astronomy and math departments --> words Sand and SKY  and Pennsylvania State
-->Pointer to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, White House 
3) Monica Lewinsky , Ken  Starr, and the White House at  1600 Pennsylvania Ave (the Penn State LINK)
.......................Sky..........Star ..............White
Now we take the 3 clues above and  GET the keywords SAND --->  GIVING  a signal -->

WHITE House --> White
Lewinsky --> sky
Starr --> astronomy
Sandy  hook , Newtown --> sand and NEW 
Sandusky --> sand and sky 
Thus we see the algebra subsets .... unions and intersections  ...  and LINKS  of  these key words ..... are pointers to ONE PLACE only ..

New Mexico -- Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts
Visitors to  New  Mexico frequent attractions like the Very Large Array ...

 town has become a  destination for those interested in 
ever since. ...
White Sands National Monument contains the largest gypsum dune field in ...
Thus we see the NEWTOWN, Connecticut war zone involving the extraterrestial THOUGHT  problems.
Thus we are  reminded of year 1616 ... Galileo the DEFENDER (of   EARTH)  ...and now the new battles.
Others are involved in these SYMBOL messages that help understand these WARS.

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online
the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 
Thus we see that the words:   Sandusky  ..... Sandy Hook ... LewinSKY ...Ken Starr with President Clinton TRIAL ...LINK to other players in this vast puzzle.
Let's look at the signal for White Sands humanoid structures ... that are to integrate optics and optical symbols / concepts / equations  regarding the EXTERNAL WORLD of Earth and  Solar System sunlight   into their INTERNAL biology world and its b100d communication system.

Contact (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Contact is a science fiction novel written by Carl Sagan and published in 1985. ... A line in the book suggests that the image is a foretaste of deeper marvels ...
For example, the book "Contact" by Carl Sagan  exists on cellulose paper in the EXTERNAL world and is  circulated thru bookstores and public libraries.   Hence, EXTERNAL circulation.
Scientists that READ the book .. last week or the last 32 years ........  READ  the book  ...that is now in the past  VERB TENSE ...... that READ  contact information (gotten  from the EXTERNAL book circulation publishing world)  was to be
transferred  by their brain/ optical nerve / symbolic processor   TO the  RED bl00d cells ....internal book circulation system and the internal symbolic libraries  ... the bio-computer SYMBOLIC MACHINE  system of Nature.
Thus the RED b100d cells depend upon the  READ eye cells for information.
Thus the book "CONTACT" --> input optical  data stream --> eye optical computer --> symbolic processor  --> pass the READ symbols / concepts  to the RED b100d cells and their data processing system.
Thus  L00K  with eye ---> L00k  =  l00k  --> 100  k optical data stream  
-->  brain optical  processing --> pass 100 K  --> pass number 100 --> Base 100 Data --> B  100   D  --> B100D.
This system is not working anywhere  .... and ought be working with the intellegent scientists of  the White Sands region.
Thus the  CONNECTION  link  that was CUT.
...............  CONNECT  ............................. CUT bio-optical communication lines of Nature and INCA sunlight / photosynthesis / and the INCA descent ....   incandescent light bulbs ...LINKED to the Hierarchy Problem of Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family   and bio-physics.
Hence, the tragedy of Sandy Hook a signal genertaing EVENT about a much bigger problem in the molelcular cell biology / hematology world with symbols/ words/ letters and false information  OR incomplete reports coming from many sources the world  ....  such as the FCC = Federal Communication Commission approval of  electromagbetic TV and radio wave ERRORS.   Will RADIO astronomy help MOTHER NATURE? 
Thus the bidirection LINK
B100D ..... flow ...information flow 
...100k  .... alpha/numeric sysmbols such as base 16 Hexadecnmal 
...L.............Language and numbers and small letters
...L...OK ...OK= Oklahoma bombing at OC --> OptiC location = OC = Oklahoma City and Federal optic errors
....L00K ..... at the Nature's systems components and the relationship of the various parts.
Nature's systems have  existed for thousands of years.
Since year 1950 .... using the terminology of copper-wire computers  AND biochmesitry, etc  we have  better symbol tools to explain ourselves and life on EARTH.    Since 1950    ... more   knowledge  came to a conscious level of expression and DISPLAY  (via LAB  equipment or copper computers or college science textbooks).   Thus we have the ability to look at the living EARTH cell, the Solar system sunlight,  White Sands and astronomy ........  and take these pieces / CLUES   and  help understand the puzzles .... that Nature need put together  VIA the human interface processing device.
The BIG EAR of Earth ..... is waiting for more accurate answers from optical EARthlings.
Ear / mouth people give blabber answers ..... we need serious optical / book / math and science thinkers in year 2013..



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